The Checklist to Follow When Applying for Indian E Visa

The electronic visa is an Indian government initiative that allows people traveling from a foreign country to obtain accelerated entry approval for a short term stay. It helps them avoid getting stuck in the intimidating process of paper permit that takes over a month. There is a total of five categories that are facilitated by online service for business, tourism, medical, conference, and medical attendant travel purposes. More than 150 foreign nationalities are leveraged to apply for the tourist visa for India along with other electronic permits depending upon what they intend to travel for.

Moreover, the process involves the submission of the online application form by following the official guidelines given on the official website. Nobody can get approval until the existing visa expires; hence, you should not make redundant and subsequent efforts if you already have a valid permit. Since application fee is completely non-refundable, you should complete the application that you have initiated in the first place to avoid paying for repetitive applications. Furthermore, consulate asks for certain documents to verify the information provided in the application. While a passport size photograph and passport with a validity of six months from the date of departure for India are two imperative things for every category, you will be asked to present some additional documents alongside.

E- Tourist Visa for India

The photograph that is required to be uploaded on the official website must have been clicked only recently. You should not be wearing glasses, headwear, or any type of accessory while getting your photograph clicked. Although if your headwear has some religious relevance, you are exempted from this restriction. Moreover, you must provide a copy of the bio page of the passport that contains your details and photo.

E- Medical Visa

A copy of passport along with photograph will help you get the approval, while you need to make sure that the scanned copy of the passport isn’t blurred, and the photograph is provided in a PDF, JPG, and PNG format. Additionally, a letter of the invitation being issued by an Indian medical institution on its letterhead is required to be disclosed for the consulate to check the suggested date of admission.

E- Medical Attendant Visa

Only basic requirements are to be met for obtaining this permit. Passport, photograph, copy of bio page of the passport, proof of residency, and proof of financial stability are some documents that need to be submitted along with the application, no matter what type of category you are applying for.

E-Business Visa

Business card of the applicant is one of many additional documents required when planning a business trip in India. If planning to commence a business with an Indian organization, that organization or party has to invite the applicant by issuing an invitation letter that contains specifics of the business plan. Further, since there is no e-work permit, those who intend to deliver lectures on this permit should have a sanction letter under Global Initiative for Academic Networks.

E- Conference Visa

Those who organize the conference should send the invitation letter to the foreign nationals so they can use that letter as evidence of their purpose of travel. Besides, one should have a clearance certificate from the ministry of external affairs to organize the event.

While documents are the heart of the application process, one should not undermine the relevance of immigration law that can leave a huge impact on the final decision of the consulates. Nonetheless, the foregoing documents bear great significance for each category; hence, don’t forget any of them from presenting to the consulate.