Important Facts about Indian Intern Visa

Diverse demands and preferences of students have turned India into a popular educational destination. History proves that this country has been prominent around the world for fostering exceptional education and trade. The system that is being followed in this nation for teaching students entices many international prospects. Even the government shows a welcoming gesture towards such students and allows them to pursue an internship in this country. There are several companies which provide productive and positive workplace to international interns and help them take enhanced skills and knowledge back home. But without an entry permit, nothing is possible. As an international intern in an India-based company, you will be asked to present your intern visa.

It’s an official travel permit which is issued to those foreign nationals who are not covered under the eligibility criteria of business and employment permits. While earlier there was no such discrimination, this new category was created with an aim to simplify the overall process for both the applicants and verification officers. You can apply for Indian visa online and reach out to a consulate or embassy for commencing the rest of the procedure properly. Facts that are given below are what you need to know about this permit and its validity, eligibility, procedure, and processing time.

Who Can Get It?

Your primary intent should be to pursue an internship in an Indian company, NGO, or educational institute. Also, you should be willing to stay for the long term because there is no Indian e visa online facility available for this category. The possession of a valid passport also qualifies one for this facility.

How to Get It?

Firstly, you need to fill the application online and get it printed. Then garner all the necessary documents and attach them to the printed copy of the application. The documents here include a sponsorship letter from the employing institution stating the period of internship, a letter from financial guarantee be it a bank or parent, a letter from your institution, and proof of residency. The application is required to be submitted electronically as well as physically, hence submit the printed copy along with the said documents and passport at a mission or embassy. Having this done, you will have to undergo an interview with the officials and pay the fees for the services there only. The fee amount differs from country to country; hence, you can check the amount that you are liable to pay according to your country on the internet.

What Is the Processing Time?

Upon obtaining the application, the mission/post takes at least three days to verify given documents with the original records and application. They have the authority to approve or deny the request by following a fair and appropriate procedure.

What Is Its Valid Period?

It is a non-extendable permit which is issued for only one year or for the period of internship, whichever is less. As per the official guidelines, missions or posts in each foreign nationality are authorized to issue only fifty visas in a year. But in countries where there are over one million foreign nationals, this limit extends to a hundred per year.

Your dream to achieve work experience for whatever you have learned at the educational institute in your home country can now come true in India. The only thing that you should be careful about is the rules that apply to foreign nationals who seek entry in this nation. Having garnered the facts that have been given this blog, there is nothing much to worry about on this trajectory.