Guidelines for Indian Medical Attendant Visa

With the advancement of medical sciences, medical institutes in India have been providing world-class healthcare and treatment services. Patients from many foreign countries visit India for their health treatment leading to the growth of the medical tourism sector in India. As a further step to expand this tourism sector, the Indian Government imparts an e-medical visa as a part of the e-visa scheme. Under this scheme, the patients can also accompany an attendant holding a valid e-Medical Attendant Visa.

Family members of the individual taking medical treatment in India can only avail of the e-medical attendant visa. The validity of the e-medical attendant visa is up to sixty days. It is neither extendable nor convertible to any other visa type. The applicant should complete an online application form and pay the visa fees to receive the approved e-visa. He/she should also submit the scanned copy of the biographical page of his/her passport while applying for the e-visa application.

Any citizens of the 161 countries under India’s e-visa scheme can apply for the e-medical visa 7-4 days before the date of arrival at an Indian airport. Depending on the information the applicants provide, they will receive the approval confirmation either within four days or more. An application with sufficient documents and matching personal details has a chance of approval within four working days after its submission. Any presence of irrelevant information or data can lead to delaying and disapproval of the visa. Information like date and place of birth, full name, contact info, etc., are mandatory to prove by every medical attendant while applying for the visa. After answering a series of security interrogations, the applicant can pay the visa fee either by a credit or debit card. The applicant will receive the approval notification in his/her email that was registered while submitting the application form.

The applicant of e-medical attendant visa must show proof that he/she has sufficient to support the required expenses that are likely to involve during their stay in the country. It is always advisable to carry a copy of their approved e-visa wherever they go during their stay in the country. While applying for the e-medical attendant visa, the attendant should have a return or onward ticket. Regardless of age, every attendant of any age group should have a valid passport. When applying for online Visa India for the e-medical attendant, it is not advisable to include the children by the parents. The applicant’s passport should have at least six months of validity, starting from the date of entering the country. The immigration and border control authorities will place the applicant’s passport with entry and exit stamps. So, it is necessary to have a minimum of two pages in the passport of the applicant.

With an approved e-medical attendant visa, the attendant can stay in the country for up to sixty days, starting from the first day of entry in India. The e-medical attendant visa is allowed to obtain by a foreign citizen only three times in a year. Until and unless he/she has a family member who needs medical treatment with an e-medical visa in India, one cannot apply for the e-medical attendant visa.

If a foreign visitor wishes to seek medical treatment from India accompanied by an attendant, it is always mandatory to obtain an e-medical attendant visa. And, every attendant should bear the above criteria of the e-visa in mind while applying for an Indian visa online.