U.S. citizens or residents in the jurisdiction of the Indian Consulate in Houston, U.S., have two options when applying for a travel visa:

  1. online through our website for the e-Visa or electronic travel authorization, processed entirely online without an intermediary or a visit to the consulate of India in Houston OR
  2. directly through the Consulate General of India, Houston using the outsourced services of CKGS Global Services.

Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nebraska fall within the jurisdiction of the Indian consulate in Houston.

U.S. passport holders of Indian Origin may apply for a visitor’s visa or Emergency India visa from Houston Consulate. Non-US Passport holders may not apply. U.S. passport holders whose parents or grandparents were born in Pakistan, regardless of the applicant’s current nationality, are not eligible for an e-Tourist Visa and can only apply for a normal India visa from the Houston Consulate. For stays exceeding 90 days, an e-Visa will not suffice, and application must be made for a normal visa through the Consulate.

Applicants within the Houston jurisdiction can apply for an Entry Visa valid for multiple entries for a period of 6 Months or 10 Years through the Houston Indian embassy or Indian consulate in Houston. The issuing of a Tourist Visa or Entry Visa and the duration granted will be at the Consulate’s discretion.

Indian Visa Online assists travelers in processing online Houston Indian visa for approval. As an Indian Visa Agency, no affiliation exists to any organizations or the Government of India.