Best Time to Visit India: Top Five Festive Seasons Not to Miss

India is the perfect destination to relax and discover the adventurer within. The cultural diversity is so vast and beautiful that even foreigners consider themselves a part of this majestic country. And then again, the famous Indian hospitality is enough for a reason to visit India. While you find an answer to the question of how to get a visa for India from the USA, here are some of the best festive seasons you could consider as the perfect time to visit India.

Holi Craze in Hill Stations

Holi is celebrated in March and commemorates the end of evil. The night before the festival, a bonfire is ignited to glorify the end of the evil king Hiranyakashipu by Lord Narsimha (half-lion, half-human), the fourth incarnation of the almighty Lord Vishnu. The next day, people celebrate the festival of Holi with colorful gulaals and water guns, commonly known as Pichkari. This festive season is highly recommended for tourists as they get to witness the wondrous cultural and traditional sides of India. Popular tourist places like Manali and Shimla have become hub centers for Holi celebrations in recent years.

Janamashtami Celebrations in Mathura

The celebrations of Janamashtami are observed across the whole country, especially in Mathura. The festival solemnizes the birth of Lord Krishna, the ninth incarnation of Narayana. Lord Krishna used to steal butter from the pots hanging on the ceilings, as a part of his mischievous adventures, known as Leela. So, a lot of pot breaking competitions and enactments take place on Janmashtami. The best program takes place in Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Temples are decorated with colorful lights, and people sing and dance on local carols joyfully. In the mid or end of August month, the whole country immerses in the festivities of Janamashtami.

Urban Diwali Lights

Also known as the festival of lights, Diwali is a major Hindu festival. It commemorates the homecoming of Lord Rama after the 14 years of exile in the wilderness. Diwali comes around between mid-October and early November. People decorate their homes with colorful lights and small lamps, also known as Deepak. Children burn colorful crackers, and families and relatives present to each other sweets and gifts. The best of Diwali is celebrated in Ayodhya, where thousands of small deepaks are lighted near the banks of Sarayu river. Whole cities are illuminated with colorful lighting on the occasion of Diwali, thus, making it a perfect time to visit India.

Christmas & New Year Fests in Mumbai

Christmas is celebrated with great joy across India. People go to churches, sing carols, and light candles to observe the birthday of Jesus Christ. But for tourists, Mumbai is the place to be for the last week of the year. The grandeur of the fests and parties are over the top, and people celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year with high spirits. If you want to plan a trip to India at this time of year, go to Mumbai without any second thoughts.

Goa’s Sunburn Music Festival

This great music festival takes place every year in Goa since 2007. It’s a 3-day long music fest and generally occurs at the end of December. It’s a mega fest offering numerous recreational activities for the attendees. A lot many celebrities, DJs, and popular music bands perform here, creating an extravaganza evening all three days. And not to mention, the Happy Hours from 1 am to 3 am every night offer exclusive discounts on foods and drinks to add-on to your astounding night. On a scale of 1-10, Sunburn festival is an 11.