A Stress-free Travel to India with E-Visa

Obtaining a visa to visit a country usually endows a nerve-racking mechanism, from visiting the embassy for interviews to the prolonged verification processes. Many had to pull through this exasperating entirety like an uphill battle for the sake of obtaining the visa. Sometimes, it annoys the visitors, hindering the rest of their plans. However, with the introduction of electronic visa authorization like India’s e-Visa, tourists can now obtain their visas without any stress. They neither need to visit the embassy nor enroll in the lengthy verification process. The Indian e-visa gets hold of three different categories viz, e-tourist visa, e-business visa, and e-medical visa. Visitors today can avail of the amenities of these e-visas while traveling to India. Visitors can complete an online application and submit the required documents, which will be followed by payment of the visa fees. All these steps are accessible online that the applicant will even get the authorization of his/her e-visa online. So, it ensures a stress-free visit to the country.

For visitors planning to conduct business-related works, applying for an e-business visa is advisable. After the issuance of the e-business visa, the visitor can enjoy a total stay of 180 days while its validity is of one year. He/she can enter the country twice with an e-business visa. May tourists also plan to visit India for tours, sightseeing, and pleasure. For such visitors, applying for an e-tourist visa is the best option. It permits a total stay of 90 or 180 days, based on the nationality or citizenship, where it is valid for a year. Quite fortunately, the visitor can relish multiple entries holding this visa type. Citizens wishing to get medical aid from India can avail of the e-medical visa through which his/her companion can also obtain an e-Medical Attendant Visa. It allows a triple time entry to the country and is valid for only sixty days from the arrival date. Applicants should strike a note that these visa types and their validity are neither volatile nor extendable. Quite fortunately, the Indian Government has also added up a new visa type called e-Conference Visa. It allows officials of foreign countries to visit India for official conferences and meetings with a validity of 30 days, enabling a one-time entry.

Ensuring easy access to the country neither means that visitors can get passage to all the areas of the country nor all foreign citizens are applicable for the visa. Citizens of Pakistan or any passport holder of other countries having parental origin from Pakistan are not eligible to apply for the Indian e-visa. In such conditions, they can opt for a regular tourist visa. India also has a few areas where indigenous culture, traditions, wildlife habitats, and ecosystems that are under the protection of the Indian Government. Such areas offer a limited entry that requires a special permit by filling up an additional form. The verification of the application can consume a minimum duration of fifteen days or even longer, based on the purpose of the entry. Places like the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, some ecological parks in Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh along with a few states in northeast India are an example of such restricted areas.

If having a stress-free journey is a priority for you, e-visa is the best option available for your visit to India. Click Here to learn more and apply for an India e-Visa